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I give you Expert Care and Service, bundling all the skills and training you want.

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“One of the best things I have done for myself with this baby is hire a post-partum doula! Having Jeannie’s support in my home for hours at a time has been such an encouragement to me! From lactation support to help with big brother Anson and forcing me to nap, it has been awesome!!! I would recommend Jeannie and her many services to everyone” – Lindsay P. 

Postpartum Doula Services in Nashville

After the birth of your baby, we call the next period of time,

the 4th trimester.

 It’s a time of discovery and bonding for baby and family. 

This is a very important time with lots of big adjustments that can be overwhelming.

From emotional to physical support, a postpartum doula is here to help ease into the transition

allowing you to feel confident as new parents.  

Research tells us about
18%-30% of women will experience baby blues, from birth trauma or complications at birth because of inadequate support systems, unrealistic postpartum expectations, prior history or family history of PMS or PPD. Research tells us 40% percent of women fail at breastfeeding during the first few weeks, so starting out with support within the first few days is incredibly important.
Getting a good breastfeeding positioning, latch and confidence is of the utmost importance to have a successful breastfeeding experience.

Jeannie Casey, is a Certified Lactation Consultant, and she expertly trained doula to teach “Natural Breastfeeding“, it’s called breastfeeding with “training wheels” used for the first few weeks.

Jeannie Your Postpartum Doula- assist you in defining your needs, goals, and abilities for an empowered parenting start!

    • The “Instruction Guide for Newborns”
    • Breastfeeding success  – problem-solving & solutions
    • Sleep cycles of infants, and tools that assist in that.
    • As a Sleep Coach, I strive for success with infants and parents sleeping
    • Jeannie is a Certified “Happiest Baby on the block” Instructor, we teach calming and sleep techniques. 
    • Jeannie is a Certified Baby Signing Instructor -teaches you Baby Signing from the start.
    • Infant Care includes- burping, patting, etc.
    • Bottle feeding positions, washing, the storage system 
    • Teaching the latest evidence-based information on baby care.
    • How to discover your own parenting style and listen to your instincts.
    • Household Support
    • Education on the normal newborn development
    • How to Bathing/nails
    • Assistance with pumping and safe milk storage
    • Circumcision care
    • Logging of baby activities (feeding, soiled diapers)
    • Umbilical Cord care
    • Diapering – cloth or disposable
    • Baby Wearing knowledge
    • Baby soothing
    • Sterilization of baby items
    • Evidence-based information when asked
    • Simple errands (grocery, pharmacy, take-out)
    • Light housework (laundry, dishes, feeding pets)
    • Provide Mommy/dad downtime / Reconnecting time/date time
    • Meal preparation
  • Nurture you, Non-judgmental listening and Emotional Support

NASHVILLE SLEEP DOULA: Overnight Nanny/Postpartum Doula

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Many new parents are looking for nighttime help from professional doulas trained in effective newborn sleep techniques, including swaddling and more.

    • Everything included in daytime services
    • Utilizing calm and soothing sleep techniques including swaddling and feeding
    • I am respectful of your parenting choices
    • For the breastfed baby, I will bring you the baby to nurse, then I will burp, diaper, and soothe the baby back to sleep using techniques proven to help calm newborns
    • For the bottle-fed infant we feed, burp, diaper and soothe back to sleep using techniques proven to help calm newborns
    • Logging of baby activities through the night
  • The doula sleeps when the baby sleeps

Daytime scheduled support – call Jeannie Casey 615*370*5912

We can customize a package for you or you can shop from our packages

Single baby -PP Doula Rate-$30.00 Hr./12 hr.Pkg./Each visit 4 hrs.  $360

Twins+ PP doula Rate -$35.00/12 hr pkg./Each visit 4 hr min $420

Happy Hours – 12 hours to be used in 4-hour + increments  – $360. /30.00 Hr.

I Dream Of Jeannie- 24 hours – three days– 9:00am-5:00pm $720. /30.00 Hr.

Sleeping Beauty – daytime Care 7pm-7am -12 hours – $480. /30.00 Hr.

Mary Poppins – 40 hours-  $ 1200. /30.00 Hr.
(Example: 8 visits of 5 hrs each or 10 visits of 4 hrs each)

Happy Days– 60 hours –$1800. /$30.00 Hr.
(Example: 12 visits or 5 hrs each, or mix in an overnight visit)

 Seventh Heaven Sleep– 84 hours –$ 2520. /$30.00 Hr.
(Example: 7 nights 12 hours each, a 4 hrs visit)


On-Call Postpartum Doula -The doula Jeannie is On-call just like a Labor doula waiting for the birth, so her schedule is blocked off for other work including labor doula birth work.
a single visit after a home birth for mom/dad and baby to rest and be supported. Jeannie herself had a home birth and understands what a new mom wants. call for fee.

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