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Doula Serving Davidson and Williamson Counties, TN

Doula services being provided in Davidson County, TN

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Providing Comfort, Support, and Information to Expecting Parents

I do not want to replace your birth partner; I want to compliment and guide them to shine and share the experience with you.

As your doula, I provide continuous emotional support, coaching, your birth plan, physical comfort, practical assistance and advice through the pain, stress, fatigue, and uncertainty of childbirth and the postpartum period. Attention to the emotional requirements and physical comfort of a woman and her partner during this major life transition has profound long-term benefits for physical and emotional health for both people.

I have served 1075+ families in the Nashville area in over 30 years as a childbirth educator and doula. 

I bring my wisdom, experience, expertise a positive calm and comforting presence to support your partner and you. This is a milestone event and I want this to be one of the best days of your life.

Radiant Mama*    Labor Doula + 2 adding-  Both Lactation Consultation & Placenta Encap.   $2950


Physical Benefits 

    • 25% shorter labor
    • 50% reduction in cesarean rate
    • 60% reduction in epidural requests
    • 40% reduction in oxytocin use
    • 30% reduction in the use of pain medications
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Emotional Benefits

    • Reduced anxiety
    • more positive reviews of their birth experience
    • acute sensitivity toward their newborns
    • Mothers have confidence
  • Reduced incidences of postpartum depression

Prior to birth, I will meet with you and your coach in your home. During this visit, we will:

    • Discuss your labor desires and concerns, participation style of partner
    • Define your birthing priorities, how you want your baby handled at birth, and what is necessary for successful childbirth for you and your partner, a postpartum home plan.
    • Review relaxation and breathing techniques, optimal labor positions for an easier labor
    • many Techniques and doula secrets to sailing thru early labor at home
    • Learn why you want to delay cord clamping and other newborn procedures.
    • All about newborn procedures and your choices
    • Latch on positions for breastfeeding and how to set up a breast pump (if needed)
    • Talk about how to bond with baby at birth and after, including information about attachment and the   importance of skin-to-skin contact 
  • After the initial meeting, I will provide weekly phone consultations with you after each caregiver’s appointments. Beginning 2 weeks before your due date, I will provide 24-hour on-call readiness to support your labor. 80% of women are 5 days past their estimated due date. you might too.

During labor, Jeannie doula can:

    • Provide support at your home during early labor
    • Remain with you throughout all stages of labor and delivery (even in the event of an unexpected outcome, such as a C-section)
    • Provide information and encouragement to maintain a calm, peaceful birthing environment
    • Suggest ways to manage pain and speed labor through emotional support (eye contact, verbal reminders, undivided attention, encouragement, etc.) and physical measures (peanut ball techniques, Tens unit pain reliever, birth ball, cold/hot packs, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, acupressure, relaxation, movement, positioning, squat stool, Rebozo techniques, optimal positioning using Spinning Babies, etc.)
    • Provide support, reassurance, and guidance to your partner, keeping you always connected to each other physically and emotionally
  • Take pictures and/or video of the birth

After delivery, As Jeannie Casey, Your doula will:

    • Continue to provide support for any postpartum procedures
    • Assist with breastfeeding in the delivery/recovery room
    • Help you both with bonding and skin to skin contact
    • Postpartum Home Session -we will follow up with you to discuss the birth and your postpartum recovery.
    • We can also help with breastfeeding, latching on, and give you information about newborn care and family adjustments.
    • Postpartum Home Session with your doula, phone support for 12 weeks Postpartum,

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