Price List

A comprehensive list of prices for our services:


Bradley Method® Natural Childbirth Classes Group class $450 

Bradley Method Private classes $650.

New BabyInstruction Guide”  Class $350 up to 2 hours, private home consultation

Happiest Baby On The Block:  plus New baby “Instruction Guide”  3 hrs /In Your Home $450

Sweet Sleep Consultation

Baby Sign Language Class $350 private class

Jeannie Casey’s Nashville Labor Doula Services:

#1-Powerful Mama*  Labor Doula + 2 Prenatal, Your Birth, 1 Postpartum visit, moms support groups $2000.

#2-Happy Mama *      Labor Doula + 1 added -Placenta Encapsulation OR Breastfeeding consultation  $2250.

#3-Radiant Mama*    Labor Doula + 2 added-  Lactation Consultation PLUS Placenta Encapsulation    $2450.

Nashville Postpartum Doula Services: 

Happy Hour – 12 hours  to be used in 4-hour + increments  –   $360./30. Hr.
I Dream Of Jeannie 24 hours – three days– 9:00am-5:00pm   $720./30. Hr.
Sleeping Beauty daytime–  Care 9am-9pm -12 +4 hours -16   $480./30. Hr.

Mary Poppins40 hours-                                                                  $1200./30. Hr.
Happy Days– 60 hours –                                                                    $1800./30. Hr.
Seventh Heaven Sleep– 84 hours –                                                  $2520./30. Hr.

On-Call for after a HOME BIRTH POSTPARTUM On-Call Postpartum Doula  Support after Home Birth/  12 Hrs visit/$420./$35. 

Questions??? Call and chat with Jeannie Casey 615*370-5912

Nashville Childbirth Placenta Encapsulation: 

Medical grade flavored Capsules,(apple, grape, orange, strawberry, lime, coffee, Mint) or unflavored capsules

and a Free BONUS 4oz. Placenta Tincture in cobalt blue glass Jar for protection.

We pick up at your Hospital/drop off at your home – $375.

We pick up your Hospital/ you pick up at Nashville Childbirth services-$335.

You drop off/pick up at Nashville Childbirth Services – $245.

Questions ? Call or TEXT Jeannie Casey now 615 370 5912

1)leave your name, 2)due date, 3)where you live, 4)hospital, 5)doctor’s name

6)baby number 1,2,3,

Nashville Lactation Support: call today Jeannie Casey 615 370-5912

$150/hour in your home