New Baby -“Instruction Guide” Private Class

New BabyInstruction Guide”  Class – $350.00,

with you and your new baby

up to 2 hours, private home visit

Bring home baby and meeting this new baby and understanding what she/he is telling you.

At some point or another, every new parent wonders why a toothbrush comes with instructions but babies do not. 

When my baby cries is she hungry? What is she telling me?

Could she be wet or hot?  Should I rock him or is that too stimulating right now?

Does she sleep too much? Or not enough?  Why is she crying at the breast instead of feeding? 

Why is he eating every 30 minutes? There are a million questions when parenting begins.

This class is after you have had your baby.

Let us teach you.

As s Expert and Certified Childbirth Instructor teaching this class for 20+ years I give you the “Instruction Guide”  that didn’t come with your baby. The knowledge we give will help you have more fun with your baby and feel good about your connection, bonding, and parenting.  Soothing babies is one of our specialties and with a little help, you will learn quickly.

Now you will truly feel that “Mothering & Baby Harmony” you have been seeking at last with your new baby in your arms.

In short, you will develop that “Mothering Confidence” as you learn to read your baby’s cues and bond with your baby.

As Your Postpartum Lactation/Doula, we have the expertise and wisdom to help learn at your own pace.

we offer non-judgment support.

We will respect your own instincts and goals as a parent.

you will be so happy to be able to understand your baby and feel confident in yourself!

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