Bradley Method Classes

People usually attend a Bradley Class because they want a natural birth with no interventions. Bradley Classes set up you for success — it’s incredibly comprehensive – they teach about nutrition, possible interventions – what they are, why you would need them, alternatives –  but most importantly, Bradley Method instructors show couples how to be labor PARTNERS. Just like everything else in your relationship, it is something that can be experienced & worked through together. Your partner is not a doula, a doctor, a midwife. They are there to help coach your through one of the most amazing and miraculous moments of your relationship. 

However,  we all know, sometimes in life, things don’t go as planned. One of our past students explains how Bradley Classes were imperative to their birth, when things didn’t happen exactly how they thought they were going to.

We want to PREPARE you for the birth you want, and have the know-how to navigate if things veer off course.

Here’s a little review from Joe, a Bradley Class Dad:

“ Gentlemen, things do not always go as planned.  Take the Bradley Method classes for your preparation and so that you can protect your wife in her time of vulnerability.  We decided to take the class due to friends that have had success and our own personal study.  Jeannie is an invaluable teacher.  Without the education we received, things would have probably taken a different route.

We were going to have a magical delivery at a birthing center with magical candles… But then life intervened.  My wife had high blood pressure at our full term checkup and we were sent to Vanderbilt for observation/induction.  

This is where the classes kick in.

Jeannie teaches you how to interact with the hospital staff in a positive manner so that everyone can achieve the same goal.  The Midwives were fantastic, and I truly believe that everyone (including us) performed as a team due to the classes.

Jeannie has a specific class on “interventions”, aka when things go other than perfectly planned.  My wife and I were able to view all options with a clear mind because we had already been introduced to the devices/drugs/techniques in class.  With our knowledge, we were able to explain our preferred route of action without ruffling feathers, and therefore maintain a positive environment for all.

So what was planned as a magical birth turned into a Pitocin induction.   Gentlemen, I reiterate, you need to be able to make the intelligent decisions, coordinate with staff, and Coach your wife.  She is an athlete on mile 22 of a marathon.  It will turn into one word sentences…  Only you know your wife.

I witnessed my wife’s amazing strength as she brought our daughter into the world drug free.  Our child was ridiculously alert.  We could not have achieved this without our training from Jeannie’s class.”

Emily, Joe’s wife also says she had zero postpartum depression and benefits not only the Bradley Class for setting her up for success, but Placenta Encapsulation, a service Nashville Childbirth offers for a lower rate for our Bradley Class Students.

It was a joy to have their family in our Bradley Class and we are so happy to see them use the tools they learned to help ease them into being new parents! Congratulations Joe & Emily!