Comprehensive Childbirth Class

Natural Childbirth Classes | The Bradley Method

Bradley Method Class – preparing you for your best birth.

There are a lot of natural childbirth classes out there – and it’s no secret couples love our Bradley Method Class. Not only is it a great time, but it’s the most comprehensive childbirth class you can take, over 24 hours of questions asked and answered, and visuals shown. Our goal is to prepare you for your best birth. We will go over anything and everything in class — coaches will learn a variety of skills and techniques to help with relaxation and comfort measures. We will talk about interventions that are commonly brought up in childbirth so you can be prepared with the pros and cons if faced with them. We discuss laboring at home – what labor looks and sounds like.  We truly want to empower couples with the knowledge of childbirth so they can be confident in the first step of becoming parents.

Another perk? You’re going to be around couples who are going through and wanting the same exact things as you! There is nothing like building your tribe around you during this special time, every week, you will sit around with couples who become your friends while you all learn to navigate your way through this stage of your life.

Are you curious about what our classes are like and are trying to decide if it’s the right class for you? Check out this little video of some past Bradley Students during labor rehearsal by Kalimana Film Stories. Ask any of our students and they will tell you that our labor rehearsal night is one of their favorites and the tools they learn are incredibly useful during their labor and delivery!

Have questions? Wanting to sign up or receive more information about our classes? Contact us today, we can wait to hear from you!

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