New Birth Center in Nashville – St. Thomas Midtown


We have a new player in town – St Thomas has now opened a Birth Center! 

We’ve been hearing some buzz about the new birth center and it’s starting to get pretty loud! The couples in our Bradley Method class were fussing about it and we were able to get a tour of the new wing. 

What our students were loving about it is the big bed with room for both of them to cuddle and labor naturally together. The windows can darken to keep the mood chill. If you love essential oils, they have an aromatherapy diffuser next to the bed.

There is a mini fridge that is great for all the food and smoothie drinks you are able to have in labor to keep your energy up. I had a client who loves doing yoga and she was excited about the thick yoga mat for doing a few poses. 

I loved seeing the peanut ball in the room! The benefits of it speeding labor and reducing c-section rates by 13%.  One mom is especially excited about the new cordless monitoring that adheres to your belly so you can be in any position, including the shower or tub!!

They also have wedges that are thick and supportive which is a great way to get mom in a good position if she wants to lay down on the bed. The rooms have everything you want as a natural birthing couple and the care is going to be great, so many midwife groups and OB groups will be able to serve the families here. The nurses were handpicked and birth doulas and photographers will be welcomed – all a winning combination!

The birth center unit has 5 birth center rooms with all the all the bell and whistles and a separate nurses station and doors separating it from other parts of the hospital.

So what did people think?

The consensus of the couples in the class was this is a great option for those who were wanting all the perks of an birth center but like the idea of it being inside the hospital in the event that things change and you needed an OB or your baby needed respiratory team or the NICU. The continuity of care was important for these couples. We are so pleased to see Nashville families are being presented with so many options for their births.

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(Beds with REAL mattresses!!)

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