Nashville Maternity Clothing – Where to go!

Nashville Maternity Clothing – Where to go!

As pregnant gals, most of us are using a small basic wardrobe to get through out pregnancy with out having to buy too much. We love our yoga leggings and really live in them. They are comfortable and transitional – what did pregnant ladies do without them for so long?!

We’ve asked a couple of our Bradley Method students what some of their maternity must haves are for comfortable maternity dressing!

First up on the list is Costco! Yes, Costco really is taking over our world! Not only do they have amazing food in stores but in May they launched a maternity wear line with sizes small to extra large.  Yoga leggings, nursing bras, camisoles, short-sleeve v-neck, knit dresses and most of them are in 2 packs and under $25 and free shipping. This is a super awesome deal! You can have most of the basics with a few added shirts or sweaters, a belt and scarf and you have a total wardrobe.

Great Basics from Costco

Some of our students other favorite places to grab some maternity basics? Their top picks are H&M and Old Navy!

H&M has great shirts that are nursing friendly that can transition from pregnancy to postpartum. H&M provides basics but also a variety of “nicer” items still at great prices – especially more formal dresses for these Christmas parties that are coming up!  Another win for H&M is their maternity tights! We’re lucky to have an H&M at Opry Mills and Cool Springs Galleria, but they also have a great selection online as well.

transitional Tunic from H&M

Favorites from Old Navy? Their active wear! No more oversized shirts for you, Old Navy has a great collection of fitted, comfortable active wear for mamas-to-be. Jeans & Leggings are the other go to at Old Navy, with basic and heavy knit!

comfortable pregnancy active wear from Old Navy

We want to hear from you!

We love for our pregnant friends to feel and look great and hopefully this will help you get a great capsule wardrobe for your pregnancy. We’d love to hear some other places you love to shop to find affordable , adorable clothing during pregnancy!

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